Communication System

V&S Communication Co., Ltd.
has sold the Communication equipment and Integrated Communication System (ICS) on behalf of HagenukMarinekommunikation GmbH - Germany are the following

  • 85 Sets of TRX3015 on vessels
  • 12 Sets of TRX3050 on vessels
  • 11 Sets of TRX3100 on vessels
  • 12 Sets of RX 3002 on vessels

Integrated Communication System for Royal Thai Navy such as;

  • Helicopter Carrier (HTMS. ChakriNaruebet)
  • Landing Platform Dock (HTMS. Angthong)
  • Chinese Frigate (HTMS. Taksin and HTMS.Naresuan)

1 System at Shore Station TX and RX Station bulit in ARQ and ALE Functionally such as RTN Headquarter Wangduem, TX Sattahip, TX Songkla,RXYotaka, RX Pangnga.

Navigation System

V&S Communication Co.,Ltd.
has sold the Navigation equipment and Integrated Bridge System (IBS) on behalf of Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine - USA/ UK. are the following

  • 38 systems VMFT CAT 1C ARPA 340 Deckstanding Radar
  • 22 systems VMFT ECAT 2C ARPA 250 Desk Top Radar
  • 3 Systems ECDIS with RADAR Overlay
  • 2 Systems of Gyrocompass NAVIGAT X MK1
  • 2 Systems of Gyrocompass NAVIGAT X MK2
  • Integrated Navigation &Bridge System (IBS) for Royal Thai Navy such as;
    - 3 Patrol Gun Boat (HTMS. Huahin, HTMS. Kleang and HTMS. Sriracha)
    - 1 New Frigate (Build in DSME shipbuilding in Korea)
  • - 1 New Patrol Gun Boat was build in Navy Dockyard and equipment was supplied by Marsun and including Northrop Grumman Ring Laser Gyro MK39 Mod 4A 1 System




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