The Hagenuk HF e-mail communication system SEICAM 2020E has been designed to deliver data messages fast and error free via existing HF radio equipment, using the proven military standard waveforms of the HF Series 3000 modem MDM 3000 E. The system has been designed especially for applications where an individual or group needs Internet e-mail connectivity, but has no means to access a conventional Internet socket. The SEICAM 2020E software can be configured to serve as a base station with the appropriate local mail server and Internet interface or as a remote station without Internet connectivity whereas both stations may be equipped with identical hardware. The base station mail server collects, sends and receives mails from the Internet/WAN and/or other local clients for relaying the messages via HF radio link to and from the remote station, i.e. between the distant mail servers. SEICAM 2020E allows the use of different mail programs such as MS Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird.


  • Interoperability with HF Series 3000 radios
  • Interfacing with familiar COTS client mail software
  • Encryption compatible with popular e-mail encryption plug-ins like PGP and Verisign
  • Proven serial modem standards of the multi-waveform Modem MDM 3000 E
  • Radio sharing by multiple users, i.e. one radio node may be shared on a LAN and used by multiple users
  • Frequency sharing, i.e. channel arbitration based on a “Listen before transmit” strategy for sending messages of multiple users on a single frequency link
  • Display of an assortment of information
  • On-the fly compression of data traffic combined with adaptive modem data rate control
  • ARQ for point-to-point links with maximum to achieve maximum throughput
  • FEC for HF broadcast transmissions
  • Release and routing services, incl. gateway function between ground station and mobile HF users

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