V&S Communication Co.,Ltd.


vandsV&S Communication Co., Ltd. was established on 13 February 1995. We have started off our business as a distributor and service provider of Marine Communication equipment and Navigation equipment installed onboard vessels including the Integrated Communication System (ICS), Integrated Navigation& Bridge System (IBS), Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS), Vessel Traffic System (VTS) and Coastal Surveillance Radar in THAILAND.

 V&S Communication Co., Ltd.  has transformed into a solution provider of the Integrated Communication System (ICS), Integrated Navigation System (INS), Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) for the Maritime and Vessel Traffic System (VTS) and Coastal Surveillance Radar for Coastal Surveillance applications.

V&S Communication Co., Ltd. as a representative of Hagenuk Marinekommunikation GmbH - which is a leading German manufacturer providing the internal and external communication system (ICS). We are a representative of Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine-USA & UK which is renowned for the Integrated Navigation System and we are a coordinator of TERMA- which is a leading manufacturer of naval and coastal surveillance radar.

With over 20 years of history and expertise in communication and navigation systems, we have provided solutions for communication systems including HF Transmitter, HF Receiver, HF-Email System and Integrated Communication System. Our company is providing the solutions for vessel and shore navigation systems including radars, compass systems, steering systems, speed logs, integrated bridge and control systems. We take pride in our commitment to provide support to all of our customers.



To achieve the highest sale and service standards with particular emphasis on reliability, proven expertise, and competitiveness.



1. To provide all customers with sales and after-sale service that consistently meet or exceed their needs and expectation.

2. To provide integrated turnkey projects for the Marine including navigation and communication system for onshore and offshore station



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