Digital Marine Gyrocompass System

The NAVIGAT X MK 2 Digital Gyro Compass system provides a cost-effective solution that satisfies the international carriage requirements for a type-approved marine gyrocompass.

The NAVIGAT X MK 2 is a cost-efficient way to benefit from the latest gyrocompass technology of Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine, ensuring high accuracy and reliability under all weather conditions.

Key Benefits of NAVIGAT X MK 2 Gyro Compass:

  • Gyro Compass system remains north-stabilized during power interruptions of up to three minutes
  • Complies with IMO regulations A.424(XI), A.694(17) and ISO 8728
  • MED (Wheelmark) approval
  • Comprises one single unit
  • Short maintenance and repair times - low service costs

North-Seeking Gyro Compass

The north seeking gyro compass element used in the NAVIGAT X MK 2 system is the gyrosphere, a hermetically sealed unit with a funnel-shaped recess, reaching from the outer skin down to its center.

Inside the gyrosphere, two mechanically linked gyroscopes are mounted with their spin axes horizontal in a carrying frame. The gyroscopes are allowed to turn around the vertical, but torsion bands effect a defined rest position, while a mechanical linkage ensures that the resultant spin vector of the gyros remains stationary relative to the gyrosphere.

This twin gyro arrangement eliminates intercardinal roll error. Once the gyros have run up to speed, their resultant spin vector, and with it the sphere, settles in the direction of true North.

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NAVIGAT X MK 2 Digital Gyro Compass, please do not hesitate contact us.

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