SEICAM 3000 is a modern, high-performance and modular digital audio and data distribution system for internal and external communication systems on Naval vessels.

SEICAM 3000 allows the configuration of centralised or decentralised blocking-free distribution architectures for the digital distribution of voice and data. All on-board communication sources including voice and data terminals, radios, modems encryption equipment etc. can be connected for assignment to various channels and distribution. The system is highly flexible in respect of architecture, programmable communications scenarios and user terminal functionality and requires minimal cabling effort. Only 2 wires (4 wires for dual homing) and 2 wires for power distribution are required for connecting to the UST5200U User terminal, which represents a significant cost saving for the cabling of new systems as well as refit program.

The DDN 3001 digital node acts as the central switching matrix which enables the distribution of a maximum of 1000 audio / data channels via programmable nodes including all associated control signals. The status of current communications is displayed and programming of the connections is undertaken via a terminal using the user-friendly RCS 3001 configuration software.

High reliability and fault tolerance is ensured via the redundant configuration of the master controller control and data buses used in the DDN 3001. In the event of a defect, the automatic switchover function ensures continuity of operations. Error reports from the Built In Test (BIT) are displayed by the RCS 3001 configuration software

The AIU 3001 is used to network the various radios with the DDN 3001. It incorporates A/D, D/A converters and the interfaces to the DDN for radios, digital (Up0) and other external equipment.

The UST 5200U user terminal incorporates a touch screen display and programmable touch fields for maximum flexibility. This provides e.g. fields for direct connections as well as numeric keys for numeric call connections.

The user terminals provide users access to pre-programmed radio lines for external communications. In addition, connections to other user terminals for internal communications, DTMF telephones, telephone systems, loudspeakers, sound-powered telephones and other equipment can also be defined.


  • Digital distribution of voice and data communications using synchronous PCM coding.
  • Conference calls with unlimited number of participants
  • Centralised or de-centralised architecture with up to 1000 channels including the user channels for network operations.
  • Two wire audio and data connections to the UST 5200U user terminals.
  • Standard Digital Up0 interfaces.
  • Standard Digital PCM30-E1 interfaces for direct connections to network nodes.
  • Connection of all tactical, non-tactical channels and radio controls via the interfaces.
  • Audio and data communications can be user-modified via a communications plan.
  • Interfaces are compatible with UST 1005, 1025 user terminals of the SEICAM 1001 system.
  • Remote control via the Ethernet interfaces.
  • Integrated Built in Test (BIT).

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