MRS 5000

MRS 5000

The modular Rack System MRS 5000 provides a highly compact, user-configurable, rugged and versatile console series that has been designed to support all naval console applications such as network management, message handling, command and control, system supervision, sensor data displays and so on. The MRS 5000 is characterized by a modular design into several compact but user definable sections to achieve a multifunction, multi-purpose console system at a competitive price while maintaining the high military performance and configuration flexibility needed for various types of surface vessels and submarines.


  • Optimum price/performance ratio
  • Standard dual top-down or single screen configuration, screen size up to 19”
  • 19” anti-magnetic rack system (stainless steel frames / aluminium walls)
  • Shock and vibration in accordance with German BV 430 / BV 440 naval standards
  • Screwed or welded construction, with or without shock mounts
  • Dismountable version for submarine installations / refits
  • Customized work desk with covered desk lights
  • 19” rack mounting section for customer’s equipment
  • Single or multi-console arrangement

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