SEICAM 5000 is the next generation advanced Integrated Communications Distribution System currently under development. The system not only supports the traditional internal and external communication services but also IP based services and subsystems which is considered a ‘must’ for seamless integration of the naval platform into its environmental IP-oriented clients community. SEICAM 5000 is based on and configured around a generic decentralized broadband multi-services IP network infrastructure which supports distribution of all kinds of concurrent digital audio and data channels.

The user stations are designed to provide maximum configuration and programming flexibility. Due to its modular design, the basic User Station UST 5000 can be extended to provide an unlimited number of assignable channels. The technological advantages of SEICAM 5000 are based on its flexible IP infrastructure. Thus, the system can be extended to new and future IP services.



  • Multi-services capable broadband IP infrastructure
  • Flexible and decentralized system architecture
  • Capable for blocking-free voice, video and data transmission
  • VoIP tactical Intercom (Point-to-Point and conferences) with intelligent and compact touch-screen operated User Stations
  • External Radio communications (TDMA-oriented)
  • Internal and external video conferencing capability
  • In-band radio remote control capability
  • Interfacing to multiple subsystems such as Public Address System, Sound Powered System, PABX /PSTN, SEICAM/CCN, Multi-Media Entertainment systems, CCTV, CMS

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